Meisner Intensive Talk with Sara Kohler – Maggie Flanigan Studio – Phone (917) 789-1599

Meisner Intensive Talk with Sara Kohler - Maggie Flanigan Studio - Phone (917) 789-1599During this interview with Katie, Sara Kohler talks about the Meisner Summer Intensive at the Maggie Flanigan Studio.

The Meisner Intensive supplies students with the ability to experience what it means to train as a professional actor. In this interview, Sara talks about her experience in the six-week summer intensive and how it was different than what she previously thought the professional training was like.

Q: What did you believe acting training was before you began the Six Week Summer Intensive?

A: I though that acting training was a great deal of what I did in college. I didnt think it was mandatory for me. I didnt know what training so coming here and really meant, and learning the beginning of the Meisner technique, I started to realize that training was nothing that I believed it was. Its just a new manner of working that I had never even thought of and I had been wanting to step into these characters within my scene study classes that I ‘d no idea how you can step into. I had no technique and I didnt understand what I was doing. Coming here Ive started to understand how you can work and Ive already learned.

Q: What happened during the Meisner Summer Intensive that changed your perspective on training?

A: I was merely always waiting for my cue and saying a line the manner that I thought Id done homework on and that it had been rehearsed by me and actually I did understand the way to do homework, which can be crazy. Merely thinking back to the summer, how much Ive come is astonishing and it really, really altered my entire life.

Q: What happened throughout the Six Week Meisner Intensive that you learned about yourself that surprised you or that changed you?

A: I was surprised to think back on those parts that Ive played and recognized that I had no clue what I used to be doing. With the Meisner technique you actually start to understand what its like to craft and develop a nature and a circumstance, I didnt have a technique, I didnt know how to even prepare to get a function and I didnt have training and live through something. I had been so shocked and its almost laughable to consider what exactly that I did before this. Its hard for me to think that I have been seen by individuals like that and its embarrassing to be somewhat sincere.

Interview and this site post with Sara first appeared on the studio web site:


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