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Phentermine Medical Weight Loss NYC | Dr. Vadim Surikov 347-599-9118
Phentermine Medical Weight Loss NYC Dr. Vadim Surikov is a weight loss doctor in New York. He provides a medical weight loss program that often includes Phentermine. His weight loss program has helped thousands of people lose weight quickly and easily without ever being hungry. What is Phentermine? Phentermine is a weight loss medication that must be prescribed by a licensed physician. The medication is normally part of a supervised weight loss plan. Who can take Phentermine? There are some pre-existing medical conditions that may prevent patients from being prescribed this weight loss medication. Phentermine includes an appetite suppressant and a powerful stimulant, so a complete medical examination should be performed by a licensed doctor before you begin taking this medication. Are there any drawbacks to this weight loss medication? The majority of patients lose weight when taking Phentermine for the first month. Many patients find that after the first month that their weight loss slows down, as their body adjusts to the medication. Often at this point patients will see their weight loss slow down. Many patients also find that the prescription does not give them 24 hour coverage and that by night time they are getting hungry again. Since the prescription allows for only one tablet a day, the most difficult part of the day becomes the night time. The Problem with Phentermine at Night Dr. Surikov’s weight loss program provides the unique answer to both of these problems. His program adds an additional weight loss supplement to the plan (Sensotherapy) that provides patients with 24 hour coverage after the Phentermine becomes less effective. Many patients find that while they are working all day, that Phentermine gives them exactly what they need to eat healthier foods and to eat less thought the day. However, by the end of the day many patients find themselves desiring to eat food again, and the battle to stay in control of food and calorie intake at night is a tremendous struggle. Sensotherapy Works With Prescription Weight Loss Medications Sensotherapy extends the effectiveness of Phentermine and it can be taken at night, since it does not contain any stimulants, unlike other weight loss supplements that leave most patients unable to sleep at night. Sensotherapy was invented so that patients can be hunger free 24 hours a day without the complications of strong stimulants all day long, especially at night when they are trying to sleep. Sensotherapy is ideal as a supplement to Phentermine, or even as a stand alone solution for patients who require a weight loss supplement that does not include a stimulant. There are there levels of strength, more information can be found by searching online. How can I get a prescription for Phentermine? Phentermine is available only by prescription. Patients who are in the New York area can contact Dr. Vadim Surikov. He is a licensed NYC weight loss doctor that prescribes Phentermine as part of his medical weight loss program. To learn more about how Phentermine can help you reach your weight loss goals, contact Dr. Surikov directly by calling 347-599-9118.
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